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  • The ministries are as follows: (1) of the Imperial Court, to which the administration of the apanages, the chapter of the imperial orders, the imperial palaces and theatres, and the Academy of Fine Arts are subordinated; (2) Foreign Affairs; (3) War and Marine; (4) Finance; (5) Commerce and Industry (created in 1905); (6) Interior (including police, health, censorship and press, posts and telegraphs, foreign religions, statistics); (7) Agriculture; (8) Ways and Communications; (9) Justice; (10) Public Instruction.
  • Navarre was not reconquered for the couple as Francis had promised, but ample apanages were assigned to Marguerite, and at Nerac and Pau miniature courts were kept up, which yielded to none in Europe in the intellectual brilliancy of their frequenters.
  • There were also serfs on the apanages affected to the use of the imperial family; these amounted to nearly three and a half millions.
  • For appanages in ancient law see the Essai sur les apanages ou memoires historiques de leur etablissement, attributed to Du Vaucel, about 1780.
  • (1627-1637), his younger sons receiving apanages which created several cadet lines of the house, of which that of Hesse-RheinfelsRotenburg survived till 1834.

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