Sentence Examples

  • This list is far from complete; the principal collections of the anteNicene fathers include not a few minor and anonymous writers, and the fragments of many others whose works as a whole have perished.
  • Warren, The Liturgy and Ritual of the Antenicene Church (London, 1897); T.
  • Nor does Eusebius, who knew the anteNicene literature intimately, seem to know of any other view ever having been held.
  • In his works written during this period (for instance, the Praeparatio evangelica and Demonstratio evangelica), as in the works of Origen himself and other anteNicene fathers, expressions occur looking in the direction of Arianism, and others looking in the opposite direction.
  • IRENAEUS, bishop of Lyons at the end of the 2nd century, was one of the most distinguished theologians of the anteNicene Church.