Sentence Examples

  • Though this province had been ceded to Great Britain in 1713 many of the Acadians had refused to accept British sovereignty.
  • His Pelerinage Au Pays D'Evangeline (1888) Is A Splendid Defence Of The Unfortunate Acadians; And All His Books Attract The Reader By Their Charm Of Style And Personality.
  • In 1755 a small colony of the exiled Acadians settled here.
  • Prior to 1752, in which year there were only twenty-five houses with two hundred inhabitants, the growth of the city had indeed been slow; but only a year or two later wheat loaded in its harbour was for the first time shipped to Scotland; during the war between the French and the English at this time some of the unfortunate Acadians found new homes here; in 1767 Baltimore was made the county seat; by the beginning of the War of Independence its population had grown to 6755; and in 1780 it was made a port of entry.