Sentence Examples

  • Speedo's XD fabrics actually resist absorbing water, and when your child's suit dries more quickly, there's less time for wet fabric to chafe and cause sore spots.
  • The XD Skin line dries faster, has a 2-hour water saturation time, releases water faster, has great stretch and is chlorine resistant.
  • 5, Ev Tfi KaµepTLcov xd)pa, i.e.
  • Affairs were decided in accordance with the code of the country, rijs xd-,pac vjsot, the Greek code, Ii-oXtnKOi vbuoi, modelled, it would seem, on Athenian law or royal decrees, ~rpoisrhyuara.
  • For instance, having found that (x+a)2=x2+2axda2, we can deduce that (x+b+c) 2 = }xd(b+c)}2=x2+2(b+c)x+ (b+c)2.