Sentence Examples

  • The tuber is a fleshy underground stem, furnished with eyes which are either visible, as in the potato and in some familiar kinds of Tropaeolum (T.
  • Tropaeolum aduncum (Canary creeper): half-hardy, ro ft., yellow, fringed; an elegant climber.
  • Tropaeolum majus (the nasturtium of gardens): hardy.
  • - Peltate leaves of Indian Cress leaf of a species of (Tropaeolum majus).
  • Some petioles are long, slender and sensitive to contact, and function as tendrils by means of which the plant climbs; as in the l,' nasturtiums (Tropaeolum), clematis and c in others; and in compound leaves the midrib and some of the leaflets may similarly be transformed into tendrils, as in the pea and vetch.