Sentence Examples

  • All belonged to the same totem or totemic class, and might be scattered throughout the tribe, though subject to the same marriage laws.
  • The Bechuanas, who occupy by far the largest domain, and preserve the totemic tribal system, were probably the first arrivals from the north or the north-sea coastlands.
  • The most intricate and stringent rules existed as to marriage within and without the totemic inter-marrying classes.
  • 243) argues that if there was an original bond of kinship between the god and the kin, there is no need to maintain it by sacrificial rites, and cites against Smith's view the practice of totemic groups.
  • The headship of the clan was sometimes hereditary, sometimes elective, but each clan had a totemic name, and the clans together constituted the tribe, the bond being not land, but blood.