Sentence Examples

  • The chemicals present in the mattress react with the fungus and produces phosphine, arsine, and stibine.
  • The compound formed, antimoniuretted hydrogen or stibine, SbH 3, may also be prepared by the action of hydrochloric acid on an alloy of antimony and zinc, or by the action of nascent hydrogen on antimony compounds.
  • By distilling an alloy of antimony and sodium with mythyl iodide, mixed with sand, trimethyl stibine, Sb(CH 3) 3 i is obtained; this combines with excess of methyl iodide to form tetramethyl stibonium iodide, Sb(CH 3) 4 1.
  • From this iodide the trimethyl stibine may be obtained by distillation with an alloy of potassium and antimony in a current of carbon dioxide.
  • On distilling trimethyl stibine with zinc methyl, antimony tetra-methyl and penta-methyl are formed.