Sentence Examples

  • (e) Useful companions of man - the mastiff, the Newfoundland, the St Bernard dog, the bulldog, the bull terrier, terriers, sheepdogs, Pomeranian or Spitz, and Dalmatian dogs.
  • The smaller variety, sometimes known as the Spitz, was formerly in some repute as a fancy dog, a white variety with a black tip to the nose and a pure black variety being specially prized.
  • Pomeranians have been given most attention in Germany and Belgium, while the so-called Spitz has been popular in England and America.
  • But the main line between the Posina and the Astico, which ran by Monte Maggio (5,730ft.), Monte Toraro (6,1.75 ft.), Campomolon (6,030 ft.) and Spitz Tonezza (5,512 ft.), was not satisfactory for defensive purposes.
  • And the Alpini holding firmly to their positions, but in the end the first line was occupied, the Italians retiring to the main line of defence, which ran from Monte Maggio by Campomolon to Spitz Tonezza.