Sentence Examples

  • Sitti, Bibliografia generale per la scoria parmense (Parma, 1904); much information will be found in A.
  • - Luigi Cibrario, Scoria della monarchia di Savoia (Turin, 1840), for the early history; E.
  • According to an account of the natives, a violent eruption of Kilauea occurred in 1789, or about that time, and deposits of volcanic sand, large stones, sponge-like scoria (pumice) and ashes for miles around are evidence of such an eruption.
  • Between 1849 and 1850 he published his Scoria degli Italiani (Turin, 1855) and many other works.
  • Manzoni, Scoria della colonna infame), and he was sometimes guilty of unblushing plagiarism.