Sentence Examples

  • The reproductive organs do not begin to appear until the larva has twice cast its skin.
  • The reproductive individuals have undergone an extraordinary simplification of the organs concerned with the collection and digestion of food.
  • In a differentiated body the stem (caulome) is an axis capable of bearing leaves and (directly or indirectly) the proper reproductive organs.
  • The reproductive organs are usually repeated in each proglottis, and in some families two complete sets of such organs occur in each segment; in a few cases, parts only of the system are duplicated.
  • In subsequent generations produced by self-fertilization of the hybrids it was found that the positive character was not present in all the individuals, but that a result was obtained showing that in the formation of the reproductive cells (ova and sperms) of the hybrid, half were endowed with the positive character and half with the negative.