Sentence Examples

  • They are raku-yaki, awata-yaki, iwakura-yaki and kiyomizu-yaki.
  • Raku-yaki is essentially the domestic faience of Japan; for, being entirely hand-made and fired at a very low temperature, R ~ its manufacture offers few difficulties, and has consea quently been carried on by amateurs in their own homes at various places throughout the country.
  • The raku-yaki of KiOto is the parent of all the rest.
  • But the term raku-yaki did not come into use until the close of the century, when Chjiro (artistic name, Choryu) received from Hideyoshi (the TaikO) a seal bearing the ideograph raku, with which he thenceforth stamped his productions.
  • The raku faience owed much of its popularity to the patronage of the tea clubs.

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