Sentence Examples

  • Tribonian was accused of having prostituted his office for the purposes of gain, and the mob searched for him to put him to death (Procop. Pers.
  • For the latter they have nothing but condemnation, but the former they acknowledge as part of the divine order of the state, while the y complain that the priests have prostituted their office for lucre.
  • Pictures and stories, carved or painted, seemed no longer necessary now that the open Bible was in the hands of the common people; they had been too often prostituted, moreover, to idolatrous uses, - and " idolatry " was the worst of blasphemies to the re-discoverers of the Old Testament.
  • But while she passed from body to body, and consequently suffered perpetual indignity, she had at the last been prostituted in a brothel; she was " the lost sheep."