Sentence Examples

  • On the 6th of March 1821 Santarosa and three associates had an interview with the prince, and on the 10th they carried out the military "pronunciamiento" which proclaimed the Spanish constitution.
  • At the close of the war the queen regent and her ministers attempted to elbow out Espartero and his followers, but a pronunciamiento ensued in Madrid and other large towns which culminated in the marshal's accepting the post of prime minister.
  • O'Donnell's pronunciamiento in 1856 put an end to the Cortes, and the militia was disarmed, after a sharp struggle in the streets of the capital.
  • On New Year's Day 1820 he made his pronunciamiento with his regiment at the village of Cabezas de San Juan.
  • A conflict now arose between the republican majority and Iturbide, which was settled by a military pronunciamiento in his favour, and the Congress elected him emperor.