Sentence Examples

  • Some cell phone providers allow for free nationwide calling (check with your provider about specific details of your plan), but if you decide to ring up Hong Kong when you are in New York, you are going to incur some long distance charges.
  • Policyholders may be surprised to discover that they can save a large amount of money on their insurance costs by either switching to a new company, or by calling their current insurance provider and requesting a review of their policy.
  • Otherwise, physicians cannot release any information due to HIPAA's Privacy Rule, which requires that entities such as a health-care provider, a health plan, or a health-care clearinghouse must protect the privacy of patient information.
  • Although less than 10 percent of Retin-A passes into the mother's blood stream and even less than that reaches the baby, you should discuss this issue with your health care provider to determine if the benefits outweigh the potential risk.
  • This means that to answer the question of how much does daycare cost per week, you need to find out how much your provider will charge per hour and multiply that by the number of hours per week that your child will need to be in daycare.