Sentence Examples

  • Although it is true that her vampire series was a little overworked, it's unfortunate that she ceased writing the series when she did - the curious reader would love to know how Lestat managed to survive Hurricane Katrina.
  • The slaves were overworked now that fresh supplies were stopped, and their numbers rapidly decreased.
  • In this constitution he declared that the competency of these various organs was not always clear, and that their functions were badly arranged; that certain of them had only a small amount of business to deal with, while others were overworked; that strictly judicial affairs, with which the Congregations had not to deal originally, had developed to an excessive extent, while the tribunals, the Rota and the Signatura, had nothing to do.
  • Mr. Gilman at first agreed to this; but when my tasks had become somewhat perplexing, he insisted that I was overworked, and that I should remain at his school three years longer.
  • He was running into more brick walls than an overworked mason.