Sentence Examples

  • Richthofen, " Ueber Gestalt and Gliederung einer Grundlinie in der Morphologie Ost-Asiens," Sitz.
  • Ost Reich).
  • At the close of the month he resigned his p ost on being elected, in spite of his youth, a deputy to the Convention by the department of Seine-et-Oise, and he began his legislative career by defending the conduct of the Commune during the massacres.
  • Ost and A.
  • Legal tender were the "Ostmark" (originally introduced by the German Military Administration of the Army of Occupation, "Militdrisches Verwaltungsgebiet Ober-Ost"), which in Lithuania proper ranked pari passu with the German "Reichsmark," and other German fiduciary currency to a total not less than one milliard marks.