Sentence Examples

  • If you attend a college that is nationally accredited and wish to transfer to a regionally-accredited distance learning program, you will probably not be able to transfer the completed credits.
  • What's more, your plans may fluctuate depending upon the economy both nationally and internationally, especially if the bulk of your retirement funds are invested in the stock market.
  • Over the years, they expanded their group of students locally and nationally; not only did they recruit more and more students to come into their studio for lessons, they also frequently taught dancing through the television.
  • Nationally accredited and well-known amongst online paralegal students, NPC offers certification within seven months, an associate's degree in 15 months, or a bachelor's degree in legal studies in less than three years.
  • The Emmy award began honoring television shows produced and aired in the Los Angeles area in 1949, but those awards would gradually grow to encompass shows aired nationally, including daytime dramas.