Sentence Examples

  • Alternative treatments for AR often focus on modulation of the body's immune response, and frequently center around diet and lifestyle adjustments.
  • Her speech lacks variety and modulation; it runs in a sing-song when she is reading aloud; and when she speaks with fair degree of loudness, it hovers about two or three middle tones.
  • In addition to the nuances of pronunciation already alluded to, there is a semi-musical modulation.
  • His presence was dignified, his voice capable of indefinite modulation, and his gestures animated and attractive.
  • Yet Coleridge was perfectly just in his remark; and the metrical anarchy of the "Madelines" and "Adelines" of the 1830 volume showed that Tennyson, with all his delicacy of modulation, had not yet mastered the arts of verse.