Sentence Examples

  • Waddell, The Buddhism of Tibet, or Lamaism (London, 18 95); " The Falls of the Tsangpo," Geog.
  • For the corresponding devotion among Buddhists, consult Waddell, The Buddhism of Tibet, or Lamaism (London, 1895), and an article by Monier Williams in the Athenaeum, 9th of Feb.
  • Lamaism, a system of doctrine partly religious, partly political.
  • The ethical and metaphysical ideas most conspicuous in the doctrines of Lamaism are not confined to the highlands of central Asia, they are accepted in great measure also in Japan and China.
  • Lamaism has acquired a special interest to the student of comparative history through the instructive parallel which its history presents to that of the Church of Rome.

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