Sentence Examples

  • Consequently the percentage of illiteracy is extremely low.
  • Education is somewhat neglected by them, and the percentage of illiteracy among adults is high.
  • Of the total population, 10 years of age and over, 30.5% were illiterates in 1 9 00 -49'9% were illiterates in 1880 - and as regards the whites of native birth alone, Georgia ranked ninth in illiteracy, in 1900, among the states and territories of the Union.
  • The school board is doing its best to implement reading programs that will help to eradicate illiteracy among the children in our community. 
  • Although Bogota was reputed to be an educational centre in colonial times, so slight an influence did this exert upon the country that Colombia ended the 19th century with no effective public school system, very few schools and colleges, and fully 90% of illiteracy in her population.