Sentence Examples

  • We have hidden on this moon in an unoccupied galaxy since.
  • 4 Athens was at this time the centre of intellectual life, and could boast an almost unique galaxy of talent - Pericles, Thucydides the son of Melesias, Aspasia, Antiphon, the musician Damon, Pheidias, Protagoras, Zeno, Cratinus, Crates, Euripides and Sophocles.
  • But it is necessary to make a careful distinction between the galactic plane and the Galaxy itself; the latter, though it is necessarily one of the most remarkable features of the universe, is not the only peculiarity associated with the galactic plane.
  • This apparent relation of the lucid stars to the Galaxy was first pointed out by Sir W.
  • The Council will want to be involved, even if this becomes an intra-galaxy war.