Sentence Examples

  • On the Grand Place is the fine statue of Christine de Lalaing, princess d'Epinoy, who defended Tournai against Parma in 1581.
  • And his queen stood sponsors, Christine Antoinette Charlotte Desmares (1682-1753), was a fine actress in both tragedy and soubrette parts.
  • His marriage with Elisabeth Christine, daughter of Duke Charles of Brunswick, contracted in 1765, was dissolved in 1769, and he soon afterwards married Frederika Louisa, daughter of the land grave Louis IX.
  • It was acted on the marriage of the chancellor Jan Zamoyski with Christine Radziwill, in the presence of King Stephen and his wife, at Ujazdowo near Warsaw in 1578.
  • His wife was Christine Eberhardine, a member of the Hohenzollern family, who left him when he became a Roman Catholic, and died in 1727.