Sentence Examples

  • In 1795 the Burmese were involved in a dispute with the British in India, in consequence of their troops, to the amount of 5000 men, entering the district of Chittagong in pursuit of three robbers who had fled from justice across the frontier.
  • It is the smallest of all the species, and its geographical range is nearly the same as that of the Javan species, though not extending into Java; it has been found in Assam, Chittagong, Burma, the Malay Peninsula, Sumatra and Borneo.
  • A specimen from Chittagong acquired in 1872 by the Zoological Society of London was named R.
  • It diminishes to the northwards, but even at Chittagong it is over 104 in.
  • Sumatrensis) is found from Chittagong southwards through Burma.