Sentence Examples

  • 96, pp. 735-74 1, Loewy gives an account of an instrument which he calls an "equatorial coude," designed (I) to attain greater stability and so to measure larger angles than is generally possible with the ordinary equatorial; (2) to enable a single astronomer to point the telescope and make observations in any part of the sky without changing his position; (3) to abolish the usual expensive dome, and to substitute a covered shed on wheels (which can be run back at pleasure), leaving the telescope in the open air, the observer alone being sheltered.
  • 3935); it consists in placing both the mirrors of Loewy's "equatorial coude" at the top of the polar axis instead of the lower end of it.
  • The instrument in some respects resembles the equatorial equatorial coude of Loewy, but instead of two mirrors Camp there is only one.
  • The observatory grounds were enlarged; two powerful instruments of the novel kind known as coude equatorials were installed; a spectroscopic department was established, and the gigantic task of re-observing all Lalande's stars was completed.
  • The mirrors of Lindemann's equatorial coude reflecting light downwards upon the mirror R would furnish an ideal siderostat for stellar spectroscopy in conjunction with a fixed horizontal telescope.