Sentence Examples

  • Hence set out the possible direction of Bs motion in the velocity diagram, namely cbi, at right angles to CB.
  • Hence draw a line through O in the velocity diagram at right angles to AB to cut cbi in b.
  • If now we look at the internal history of Spain from the conclusion of the period of the reconquest, which may be put in the middle of the 13th century down to the union of the crowns of Castile and of Aragon by the marriage of Ferdinand Cbi latlanand Isabel in 1469, it will be found to be occupied ~zatlonof with two great processes.
  • My source with the CBI isn't that privy to what's happening and it's damn tough acting on what I'm not supposed to know.
  • He's sending it and the samples of Mrs. Shipton's writing over to CBI in Denver, just to make sure.