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  • In the derivation of Benthamism alone - which, it may be observed, first becomes widely known in the French paraphrase of Dumont - an important element is supplied by the works of a French writer, Helvetius; as Bentham himself was fully conscious.
  • So again, in the modified Benthamism which the persuasive exposition of J.
  • Wollaston's theory of moral evil as consisting in the practical contradiction of a true proposition, closely resembles the most paradoxical part of Clarke's doctrine, and was not likely to approve itself to the strong common sense of Butler; but his statement of happiness or pleasure as a " justly desirable " end at which every rational being " ought " to aim corresponds exactly to Butler's conception of self-love as a naturally governing impulse; while' the " moral arithmetic " with which he compares pleasures and pains, and endeavours to make the notion of happiness quantitatively precise, is an anticipation of Benthamism.

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