Sentence Examples

  • Brome Grass (Bromus) - At least one of this large genus of grasses is very graceful and worthy of culture-that is B. brizaeformis, a hardy biennial about 2 feet high, with large, graceful, and drooping heads.
  • Hawkins, his relative and executor, in 1721; his prose ' The fact, however, that in 1712 - only a year after Ken's death - his publisher, Brome, published the hymn with the opening words "All praise," has been deemed by such a high authority as the 1st earl of Selborne sufficient evidence that the alteration had Ken's authority.
  • A footnote (1743) explained away the allusion by making it apply to Richard Brome, the disciple of Ben Jonson.
  • Austrian brome grass (Bromus inermis) and western rye grass (Agropyrum tenerum) are both extensively grown for hay in the North-West Provinces.
  • The closely allied genus Bromus (brome grass) is also widely distributed but most abundant in the north temperate zone; B.