Sentence Examples

  • The tough but flexible coarse grey paper (German Fliesspapier), upon which on the Continent specimens are commonly fixed by gummed strips of the same, is less hygroscopic than ordinary cartridge paper, but has the disadvantage of affording harbourage in the inequalities of its surface to a minute insect, Atropos pulsatoria, which commits great havoc in damp specimens, and which, even if noticed, cannot be dislodged without difficulty.
  • - Book-louse (Atropos divinatoria, Fab.), Europe.
  • Atropos is most frequently represented with scales, a sun-dial or a cutting instrument, the "abhorred shears," with which she slits the thin-spun thread of life that has been placed on the spindle by Clotho and drawn off by Lachesis.
  • Even here the mythological tendency displays itself - vow-6,, and alcrenra being severally committed to Atropos, Lachesis and Clotho.
  • We have constructed a fate, an Atropos, that never turns aside.