Sentence Examples

  • An Aquarian may hold a grudge in a serious disagreement and will continue to feel strongly about his or her point of view for a long time after the issue has been resolved.
  • Mermaids: If you want a pretty tattoo idea and love the water as most Aquarians do, a mermaid added to your Aquarian symbol is a great idea.
  • Since the Aquarian is a natural born thinker, it may just take some clever brainstorming on your end to come up with the perfect Aquarian symbol that represents your nature and personality.
  • You may be the chattiest, the zaniest, the most logical Aquarian woman to ever walk the earth, but when it comes to men, you like the "bad boys"!
  • A nice flowing script seems to best reflect the essential Aquarian character, but be sure to go with a style that feels right to you.

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