Sentence Examples

  • While there are hundreds of anecdotal accounts of people losing significant amounts of weight while using a diet patch, there has been no clinical research to substantiate these claims.
  • Chupacabra photographs, along with anecdotal evidence make El Chupacabra an enticing mystery, but zoologists would need to actually find El Chupacabra in the flesh in order for this mysterious and frightening creature to be considered real.
  • While there is a great deal of anecdotal evidence, photographs, sonar readings and even video footage, many experts dispute these as hoaxes perpetuated by people who either want to make money or who want to continue the myth and legend.
  • A somewhat anecdotal tale of four boys and their experiences as they share a night of bonding, heartbreak and excitement, Palo Alto is sure to touch at the heart of today's youth.
  • Not only can you obtain vital information by searching for and examining the cemetery and death records of an ancestor, but you can also obtain a wealth of anecdotal information along the way.