Sentence Examples

  • 1 Bz4' That Is, By The Coefficient Of Z W In Zp '.
  • 1 Zp 2.
  • 1 Zp 0.1 Z 4 1.1 Z 2.
  • The components of velocity of the moving origin are denoted by U, V, W, and the components of angular velocity of the frame of reference by P, Q, R; and then if u, v, w denote the components of fluid velocity in space, and u', v', w' the components relative to the axes at a point (x, y, z) fixed to the frame of reference, we have u =U +u' - yR +zQ, v =V +v -zP +xR, w=W +w -xQ +yP.
  • .) = (X-jfidp) +m (Y-dy) +n (Zp 2), for all values of 1, m, n, leading to the equations of motion with moving axes.

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