Sentence Examples

  • Zl, z2,...zn) yl, y2,.
  • Yl, y 2,...yn) (zl, z2,...zn z1, z 2, ���zn xi, 'X' 2,...
  • If the steam at A were dry and saturated, we should have, assuming Regnault's formula (to), H A -H D = 305 (0'-O), whence, if S = .475, we have zL = .3 0 5 (0 '- 0)-.
  • By 7 (5); hence, if ~, u, v be now used to denote the component angular momenta about the co-ordinate axes, we have X=~tm(pyqx)ym(rxpz)zl, with two similar formulae, or x= ApHqGr=~, 1
  • Brilliant pictures of the struggles and passions in the human heart (see NIZAMI), sent forth its first tender shoots in the numerous love stories of the Shahndma, the most fascinating of which is that of Zl and Rdabeh, and developed almost into full bloom in Firdousis second great mathnawi Yisiif u Zalik/z, which the aged poet wrote after his flight from Ghazni, and dedicated to the reigning caliph of Bagdad, al Qadir billah.

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