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  • (b) Zebul is from zebel, a word found in the Targums in the sense of "dung," so that Beelzebul would mean "Lord of Dung," a term of contempt.
  • The further suggestion has been made that zebul itself in the sense of "dung" is a term for a heathen deity, cf.
  • (c) Zebul is found in Kings viii.
  • 1 3 in the sense of " height," beth-zebul - lofty house, and in Rabbinical writings in the sense of " house " or " temple," or " the fourth heaven "; 11 and Beelzebul may equal " Lord of the High House " or " Lord of Heaven."
  • It appears, however, that Rabbinical writings use yom (day-of) zebul for the festival of a heathen deity; and Jastrow connects this usage with the meaning " house " or " temple," so that the meaning " Lord of the False Gods" might be arrived at in a different way.

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