Sentence Examples

  • Western Cape Colony, is represented by the Brak and Ongers rivers, and, farther west, by the Zak and Olifants rivers, which, united as the Hartebeest, reach the Orange about 25 m.
  • 1061, another panegyrist of Shah jahan; Atashis Adilnama, in honor of Shah Mahommed Adil of Bijapur, who ascended the throne in 1629 (1039 A.H.) or 1627; the Tawarikhi-ICuli ~utbs/zak, a metrical history of the I~utb shbs of Golconda; and many more, down to the Fat,~mnama-i-Tipil Su4an by Ghulam 1{asan (1784; 1198 A.H.).
  • From the south a number of streams, the Brak and Ongers, the Zak and Olifants Vlei (the two last uniting to form the Hartebeest), flow north towards the Orange in its middle course.