Sentence Examples

  • The rainfall is much greater on the windward than on the lee sides of the islands (about z io in.
  • (7) The Church of the West Indies, i province of 8 dioceses, of which Barbados and the Windward Islands are at present united.
  • 'GRENADA, the southernmost of the Windward Islands, British West Indies.
  • A first meridian, separating a leeward from a windward region, passed through Ras Kumhari (Comorin) and was thus nearly identical with the first meridian of the Indian astronomers which passed through the sacred city of Ujjain (Ozere of Ptolemy) or the meridian of Azin of the Arabs.
  • On the 17th of June 1896 the dramatic meeting of Jackson and Nansen took place, and in the same year the "Windward" revisited "Elmwood" and brought Nansen home, the work of the Jackson-Harmsworth expedition being continued for another year.