Sentence Examples

  • For a few minutes she thought her windpipe was crushed.
  • But he cannot in any degree breathe through his mouth, for, in his ordinary attitude, the Sperm Whale's mouth is buried at least eight feet beneath the surface; and what is still more, his windpipe has no connexion with his mouth.
  • Furthermore, as his windpipe solely opens into the tube of his spouting canal, and as that long canal--like the grand Erie Canal--is furnished with a sort of locks (that open and shut) for the downward retention of air or the upward exclusion of water, therefore the whale has no voice; unless you insult him by saying, that when he so strangely rumbles, he talks through his nose.
  • The major source of chondroitin sulfate commercially is from the cartilaginous rings of bovine trachea (the windpipe in cattle).
  • Coyotes Tend to go for the throat of sheep and lambs, clamping down on the windpipe or severing the jugular vein.

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