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  • The bulk of the inhabitants are of unmixed German stock, but many of those in the east part have Wendish blood in their veins.
  • Similar letters were sent to the Wendish or Baltic cities, and to the bishops and landowners of Livonia and Esthonia.
  • Zittau is of Wendish origin (Chytawa is its Wendish name),, and was made a town by Ottocar II.
  • In the west division the population is wholly Teutonic, but in the east there is a strong Wendish or Slavonic element, still to be traced in the peculiar manners and costume of the country-people, though these are gradually disappearing.
  • On the 24th of February 1389, Albert, who had returned from Mecklenburg with an army of mercenaries, was routed and taken prisoner at Aasle near Falk ping, and Margaret was now the omnipotent mistress of three kingdoms. Stockholm then almost entirely a German city, still held out; fear of Margaret induced both the Mecklenburg princes and the Wendish towns to hasten to its assistance; and the Baltic and the North Sea speedily swarmed with the privateers of the Viktualien brodre or Vitalianer, so called because their professed object was to revictual Stockholm.

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