Sentence Examples

  • He could still hear her stifled sobs as he cautiously moved down the slope, wedging his foot against rocks and small vegetation for purchase.
  • The rocks were slippery with half-thawed ice, and when she carelessly stepped on the edge of one, her foot slipped, wedging between two rocks.
  • A method of wedging down coal sufficiently perfected to be of general application would add greatly to the security of colliers.
  • 19 a - towards the face, upon which the miner lies and controls the direction of the blow by a pair of handles at the back of the machine, which is kept stationary by wedging the wheels against a stop on the platform.
  • This consists of a heavy cast iron ring, known as a wedging crib, or curb, also fitted together in segments, which is lodged in a square-edged groove cut for its reception, tightly caulked with moss, and wedged into position.

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