Sentence Examples

  • If you're intrigued by the wear and hype of OPI's newest gel nail polishes, why not book an appointment at your local nail salon and test drive the wearability of the product yourself?
  • A hair powder may extend the wearability of your style one whole extra day, so consider them a priority if you love your length but moan at the thought of frequent blowdry styling.
  • Being that the majority of consumers are concerned with the wearability factor of their footwear, who can complain about soft stretchy Brazilian leather?
  • When choosing little girls' swimwear, you want to consider price, the age of the child, the wearability of the swimsuit and how cute the suit looks.
  • One the reasons why leggings are a highly practical piece is because they can increase the wearability of certain items in your daughter's closet.