Sentence Examples

  • Manufactures are of small account, the raw material going mostly to the coast; but olive-oil is made, together with various wines, of which the most famous is the vino d'oro, a sweet liqueur-like beverage.
  • British Museum.) p w ttttvp into a ntc ttrttainc/anb Yrcit t}c tVa6 2`i fcipics3 CAM vino him / attb operteb tjif3.
  • To the left of the passage rises the Torre del Vino (Wine Tower), built in 1 3 45, and used in the 16th century as a cellar.
  • The vino dulce and vino secco are both made as a rule from the Pedro Jimenez (white) grape, the former in much the same way as the dulce which is employed in the sherry industry, the latter by permitting fermentation to take its normal course.
  • The vino maestro consists of must which has only fermented to a slight degree and which has been " killed " by the addition of about 17% of alcohol.