Sentence Examples

  • Vd, Dorsal vessel.
  • Vd, Vas deferens.
  • 20, will serve to exhibit the disposition of viscera which prevails in the group. The branchial chamber formed by the mantle-skirt overhanging the head has been exposed by cutting along a line extending backward from the letters vd to the base of the columella muscle mc, and the whole roof of the chamber thus detached from the right side of the animal's neck has been thrown over to the left, showing the organs which lie upon the roof.
  • The male duct vd becomes fleshy and muscular near its termination at the genital pore, forming the penis p. Attached to it is a diverticulum fl, in which the spermatozoa which have descended from the ovo-testis are stored and modelled into sperm ropes or spermatophores.
  • D, 'ps, ' Rf, vd, 'd` ' 'J?1 ' Pe;:--pd 'ee ' or disappearance of one phase of shell-formation before a later one is entered upon.

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