Sentence Examples

  • The lower half is the neck or cervix and is cylindrical; it projects into the anterior wall of the vagina, into the cavity of which it opens by the os uteri externum.
  • This opening in a uterus which has never been pregnant is a narrow transverse slit, rarely a circular aperture, but in those uteri in which pregnancy has occurred the slit is much wider and its lips are thickened and gaping and often scarred.
  • The apex leads into the canal of the cervix, but between the two there is a slight constriction known as the os uteri internum.
  • The uterus may be double, each division opening by a separate os uteri into a common vagina, as in Leporsdae, Sciuridae, and Hydrochoerus, or two-horned, as in most species.
  • There are two series of ovaries extending through a large part of the body and accompanied by two uteri; the latter open by two oviducts which debouch into an atrium which also receives the intestine and a single receptaculum seminis, and is continued backward as the cloaca; this opens posteriorly.

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