Sentence Examples

  • The sick are a source of danger and one means of dissemination, and, since the illness may be so slight as to pass unrecognized, an obviously insidious one.
  • Chiefship is quite unrecognized, except on the Keriwina Islands.
  • We have, however, yet to notice the enlargement of the sphereof ethics due to its close connexion with theology; for while this added religious force and sanction to ordinary moral obligations, it equally tended to impart a moral aspect to religious, belief and worship. " Duty to God " - as distinct from duty to man - had not been altogether unrecognized by pagan moralists; but the rather dubious relations of even the more orthodox philosophy to the established polytheism had generally prevented them from laying much stress upon it.
  • At the same time the leading part played by the province of Holland in the history of the republic has not been unrecognized, for the country ruled over by the sovereigns of the house of Orange is always popularly, and often officially, known as Holland.
  • They were Fraticelli, Beghards, Lollards or other confraternities unrecognized by the church and in steady opposition to her government.

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