Sentence Examples

  • Most female circumcisions are performed under unhygienic conditions using primitive, homemade implement such as rusty razor blades and thorns.
  • By the time a child is crawling and learning to walk, pacifiers are both unhygienic and limiting.
  • Trachoma is a disease associated with poverty and unhygienic conditions.
  • There are the usual malarial, bilious and intermittent fevers, and liver, stomach and intestinal complaints prevalent in tropical countries; but unhygienic living is, in Cuba as elsewhere, mainly responsible for their existence.
  • The place became an asylum for lepers and the caring for them began to be a charity under government charge in 1866; but conditions here were at first unspeakably unhygienic, their improvement being largely due to Father Damien, who devoted himself to this work in 1873.