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  • And I believe in the Holy Ghost, God not unbegotten nor begotten, not created nor made, but co-eternal with the Father and the Son.
  • In his eyes it was blasphemy when he heard that Alexander proclaimed in public that " as God is eternal, so is his Son, - when the Father, then the Son, - the Son is present in God without birth (ayevviircos), ever-begotten (aecyev'is), an unbegotten-begotten (ay Evvnroyev17s)."
  • " As the Unbegotten, God is an absolutely simple being; an act of generation would involve a contradiction of His essence by introducing duality into the Godhead."
  • 24) that the Logos or Word emanated from the vas, or personified reason, as this latter emanated from the unbegotten Father.

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