Sentence Examples

  • Nathan, Vent Anni di ua ital,iana altraverso al(Annuario (Rome, 1906); G.
  • Of practical theological works we have still the IlpoTperru is Eis, uapri)pcov and the /Gvray,ua ireFi d' s.
  • The more complete recension bears the title ew,ua 'IvpafXLTov I tXoaocov pr)Ta Eis Ta lrac&uca Tou Kvpiov, and treats of the period from the 7th to the 12th year (Tischendorf, Evangelia Apocryphal, 1876, 140-157).
  • This branch of biological science may be called thremmatology (0Au,ua, " a thing bred ").
  • The upper edge was folded over for a distance equal to the space from neck to waist - this folded portion was called Ior67rTV^y ua or &71-XotS, - and the whole garment was then doubled and wrapped round the body below the armpits, the left side being closed and the right open.

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