Sentence Examples

  • The National Psoriasis Foundation claims that studies involving turmeric for the treatment of psoriasis have yielded insufficient results, making it an ineffective protocol for the relief of psoriasis symptoms.
  • All this aside, some persons have claimed that turmeric has exhibited a positive effect on their symptoms, a surprising feat that fuels the supplement industry and overshadows many scientific studies.
  • The food of the people consists as a rule of boiled rice with salted fresh or dried fish, salt, sessamum-oil, chillies, onions, turmeric, boiled vegetables, and occasionally meat of some sort from elephant flesh down to smaller animals, fowls and almost everything except snakes, by way of condiment.
  • When chewed a small piece is wrapped up in a leaf of the betel vine or pan, with a pellet of shell lime or chunam; and in some cases a little cardamom, turmeric or other aromatic is added.
  • - Among spices, for the preparation of curry and other hot dishes, turmeric and chillies hold the first place, being very generally cultivated.