Sentence Examples

  • This difficulty may be overcome by using Rateau's arrangement of a low-pressure turbine between the engine and the condenser.
  • 99, p. 167), using Froude's turbine to obtain the highly resisting spiral vortices, and arranging passages in the casing for the entry of water at the hub of the wheel and its exit at the circumference.
  • In July 1888 the Societe Metallurgique Suisse erected plant driven by a 500 h.p. turbine to carry out Heroult's alloy process, and at the end of that year the Allgemeine Elektricitais Gesellschaft united with the Swiss firm in organizing the Aluminium Industrie Actien Gesellschaft of Neuhasen, which has factories in Switzerland, Germany and Austria.
  • In the " Hercules " turbine, shown in fig.
  • 2 The following statistics of turbine construction in Switzerland are taken from Schweizerische Bauzeitung (1901), p. 128, which, in the same volume at p. 53, contains a valuable article on the most important improvements in turbines and their regulation shown in the Paris Exhibition of 1901: - of one of these, which gave an efficiency of 87% at full load and 70% at about three-fifths full load.

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