Sentence Examples

  • The peninsula is peopled with Koryaks, settled and nomad, and Lamuts (Tunguses), who came from the W.
  • The native inhabitants consist of some 2000 Gilyaks, 130o Ainus, with 75 o Orochons, 200 Tunguses and Some Yakuts.
  • One is mentioned in the annals of China two centuries before our era, between the territories of the Huns in the west and those of the Tunguses in theeast - a vast area of some 300 to 400 m., on the opposite margin of which the two peoples kept watch.
  • The Ural-Altaians consist principally of TurkoTatars, Mongols, Tunguses, Finnish tribes and Samoyedes.
  • The Tunguses (nearly 70,000) occupy as their hunting-grounds an immense region on the high plateau and its slopes to the Amur, but their limits are yearly becoming more and more circumscribed both by Russian gold-diggers and by Yakut settlers.

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