Sentence Examples

  • In addition, these babies were found to have 22 percent lower tryptophan hydroxylase level, which is the enzyme that produces serotonin, and the levels of binding in serotonin receptors were 50 percent lower in the babies who died of SIDS.
  • If taken with other metabolites that aid in the creation of serotonin - vitamin B, niacin and magnesium, which a multivitamin should provide - 5HTP can help deal with many of the same health issues that people take tryptophan for.
  • While some believe that there's not enough of this important amino acid in turkey to actually knock you out, there's no arguing the fact that tryptophan is important for sleep, as well as many other bodily functions.
  • That might sound like a lot, but if you consider that there is 300mg of tryptophan in a cup of cottage cheese and 600mg in a pound of turkey, it's pretty clear that it's not tough to get your daily requirement.
  • So, if you have a problem sleeping, you may be able to take tryptophan for a few months and then enjoy the beneficial functions of tryptophan several months after you've stopped the course of therapy.